Mask Off: Getting to know our Founder Vic

  • Day 3: Grow Where you're Planted

    #MaskOffVic Day 3Last night I went to sleep thinking heavy on some money moves I need to make. A lot of signs have pointed its time but this is the first 6 figure investment I've had to make at one time, so I needed a stronger sign or at least an adultier adult than me. I woke up to the most perf... View Post
  • Day 2: Unintentional Flames

    That's the thing about being a parent. We don't know what action we can do that may seem small but will completely change the trajectory of their life and be a defining moment. Don't miss those moments. View Post
  • Day 1: This Mom Sh!t

    Finding a bit a balance as mom & entrepreneur and finding my way back to me. View Post