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Yoni Wellness

Yoni Wellness

Our yoni health line is specifically formulated for a woman's natural pH. Cleansers & fresheners that are both non toxic and balanced for the most delicate area to refresh and naturally absorb odors. A few of our feminine products do contain a phthalate-free fragrance for those desiring a gentle refreshing scent. These products are listed as such.  

Our Yoni Care Collection has thoughtfully crafted products designed to support and enhance the holistic well-being of the feminine body. We understand the importance of self-care and strive to provide you with a range of products that promote balance, comfort, and empowerment. Whether you're looking to nourish, cleanse, or connect with your body, our Yoni Care collection has everything you need.

We offer a selection of gentle and balanced cleansers specifically formulated for intimate hygiene. These cleansers are free from harsh chemicals, toxic fragrances & and irritants, ensuring that your delicate intimate area remains fresh, clean, and free from discomfort.
Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is an ancient practice that involves using a blend of specially curated herbs to create a soothing steam bath for the yoni. Our Yoni Steaming Herbs are meticulously selected to provide a nourishing and revitalizing experience. Steaming can support menstrual cycle balance, postpartum recovery, and overall feminine wellness.
We carry a selection of Black Owned menstrual care products that prioritize your comfort and sustainability. From organic cotton tampons and pads to reusable menstrual cups, we have options to suit your preferences and promote a healthier relationship with your menstrual cycle.

Yoni Oils and Balms: Nourish and pamper your intimate area with our luxurious Yoni Oils and Balms. These specially formulated blends of botanical extracts, essential oils, and natural moisturizers provide hydration, promote elasticity, and enhance your overall vaginal health. Embrace self-love and self-care with these gentle and soothing products.

Yoni Crystals and Gemstone Eggs: Discover the ancient practice of yoni egg exercises, which involve using smooth and polished crystals or gemstone eggs to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. Our selection of yoni crystals and gemstone eggs offers a range of energies and properties to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
We believe that self-care should extend to all aspects of your life, including intimate care. We are dedicated to curating products that respect your body's natural balance and promote your well-being. Embrace a holistic approach to feminine wellness with our carefully selected Yoni Care collection and empower yourself on your journey to self-love and self-discovery.

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  1. SheO Capsules
  2. Yoni Satin Glaze
  3. Honey Pot Soap
  4. Honey Pot Soap Brick
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  5. Nookie Swirl Soap
  6. Nookie Swirl Soap Brick
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  7. Pink Cookie Soap
  8. Pink Cookie Soap Brick
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  9. Black Silk Cookie Soap
  10. Black Silk Cookie Soap Brick
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  11. Lotus Flower Yoni Cleansing Honey
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  12. Yoni Botanical Dust  10oz Bag
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  13. Lotus Flower Balance Restored Yoni Mist
  14. Lotus Flower Sacred Yoni Botanical Tea
  15. Femly Night Pads-100% Pure Cotton
  16. Yoni Nosh Box
  17. Lotus Flower Sacred Petals Dusting Powder
  18. Yoni Dust Powder Puff