Skincare Routines

  • New Season of Self Care. Fall Equinox Rituals

      Happy Autumn Equinox. Fall is finally here. The days and nights are equal in length, creating perfect balance. Self Care is an essential part of our routine year round, and is so important for our emotional, physical and mental well being.  Prioritizing  self care is vital in the fall as cooler... View Post
  • Egyptian Goddess Summer Face Collection

    The 10-step routine gives you a complete morning and evening ritual. Dedicate 5 sacred minutes in your morning honoring yourself, loving yourself first. Your evening routine can be enhances with a few extra indulgences for extra time to release and disconnect from your day. Enjoy the process and... View Post
  • Little Italy Face Care Collection

    Be sure to make a commitment to yourself to love who you are and take care of your body. We're here to help.  This season's face collection (grab yours here) is designed to help you protect your skin from the winter weather with indulgent ingredients from Italy.  Everyone wants flawless skin... View Post