Day 2: Unintentional Flames

This picture is of little Vic spring 2006, when I first fell in love with the world. I studied abroad that summer in Peru and was of the most impactful seasons in my life. It was 43 of us total all from NC State. We lived with host families in Lima when we weren't traveling over the country, drinking coca tea in Cuzco, hiking Machu Picchu, or getting kicked out Peruvian night clubs (long story, but know it was Tanessa and not me).
This was such a pivotal time for me to see a completely different way of life, deeply experience another culture so different from my own and it lit a fire in me.
My mom never left the country at this time, she was hesitant for me to go so far, but my parents supported me and gave me the best gift they ever could have given me, my first passport.
That's the thing about being a parent. We don't know what action we can do that may seem small but will completely change the trajectory of their life and be a defining moment. Don't miss those moments.
Since them I've explored my way through 28 countries, many with my babies, and it's a love I hope to fan into flame for them 🖤

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