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Day 1: This Mom Sh!t

Day 1: This Mom Sh!t

Finding a bit a balance as mom & entrepreneur and finding my way back to me.
I was inspired to do a mask off challenge by one of the most influential badasses I follow starting on the 27th, 30 days leading up to my birthday. But the new moon energy shifted me so I started then. my intention is to spend 30 days telling my story, allowing my tribe to know more about me and who I am, and the roots of your beloved Cream & Coco.
One thing for sure. Two things for certain
1. They will always get the very best of me before anyone else on this planet will.
2. I keep my cup full so I can keep their full. And full they are💜
It took a lot of self work to shift my mindset from being overwhelmed trying to do everything right as an entrepreneur and mom, and I was missing important moments. I was getting sick. I was eating trash. I was overweight. I was always tired.
2018 I made MAJOR shifts. I found an amazing therapist & life coach. I completely changed my eating habits. I fell in love with the gym. I focused on my inner peace. I was more intentional with my circle and those I keep around me. I found women that genuinely wanted the best for me and we poured into each other (this is important). I did the work. I started being "selfish" and took care of my soul FIRST. And it was so much easier to pour from an almost endless fountain to those I love.
There is a universal balance required when you are a mother or wife. You have responsibility to other people and their needs, but you can't get lost and neglect your responsibility to yourself.
Change your mindset and you will change your life 💫


  • Posted by Jo on

    Your skin is glowinggg 😍😍. You’re so gorgeous!! Also can you tell me where you got the gorgeous nose ring. I love it!

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