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Day 3: Grow Where you're Planted

Day 3: Grow Where you're Planted

#MaskOffVic Day 3

Last night I went to sleep thinking heavy on some money moves I need to make. A lot of signs have pointed its time but this is the first 6 figure investment I've had to make at one time, so I needed a stronger sign or at least an adultier adult than me. I woke up to the most perfect thunderstorm and I just knew. I'm a water sign, and Source speaks to me through rain. Often.

Rain is purification.
Rain is rejuvenation.
Rain is the universal cleanser.

There's a mindfulness modality I adapted to my life awhile ago that I use as a tool to not get overwhelmed.

Recognize what is happening
Allow life to be just as it is
Investigate inner experience


And this is pretty much how I live my life. I stop and be completely present to exactly what is happening. I listen to my feelings, what's happening to my body physically, what signs I notice and I honor what my feels are, whether fear, stress, loneliness. My feelings are always valid, and it's part of my experience in that moment. Yesterday it was fear. Who does this in a panni not knowing what could happen? What if it fails? Fear. Need an adult.

Usually I allow things to happen exactly as they will and realize if something doesn't go how I envisioned, it was for my greater good. It's always always always for my greatest good. But shooooot I also don't like to make decisions that aren't well though out and just rely on God & the universe to have me.

After I identity exactly what it is I'm feeling I work through it. Girl what exactly is it you're worried about? How did this feeling even get here? You have to break it apart in order to defeat it.

I am mindful to not identify who I am as a person or my energy by this situation. It is not my essence. It does not define me. I am not weak nor am I strong by its existence. I am always whole. I am always light.

If we’re being honest, I never intended for @creamandcoco to grow to a point that required for me to adult so hard. I was in survival mode when it was born and I just wanted to take care of my babies doing something I truly loved. But one day you will look around and realize you unintentionally grew roots, and you have to grow where you are planted🤷🏽‍♀️

Sometimes you have to just sit outside in a rain shower and water your soul like some wilted houseplant.

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