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Navigating Holistic Wellness

Policies and Practices for a Harmonious Experience

Our Story

At Cream & Coco we are dedicated to revolutionizing self-care for women, with a primary focus on uplifting BIPOC women. We believe in the transformative power of holistic skincare, blending the art of beauty with the wisdom of spiritual well-being.

OUR MISSION: Empowering women to prioritize self-care daily and find harmony amidst the demands of home and work life. We strive to create a safe haven where self-love is nurtured, and every individual's unique beauty is celebrated.

HOLISTIC APPROACH: Harnessing the potency of nature and metaphysical tools, our products are carefully crafted to not only enhance your skin's radiance but also elevate your spiritual well-being. We believe that true beauty radiates from within, and our holistic approach reflects this philosophy.

SACRED SELF-CARE RITUALS: Immerse yourself in a journey of sacred self-care rituals designed to be a sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit. From calming skincare routines to transformative metaphysical practices, we offer a holistic haven for your well-being.

COMMUNITY & CONNECTION: Beyond skincare, we foster a community of support and connection. Share your experiences, learn from others, and embark on a collective journey towards self-love and empowerment. Cream & Coco is more than a brand; it's a sisterhood.

ETHICAL & INCLUSIVITY: Cream & Coco symbolizes a spectrum of beauty, ranging from the lightest shade of brown, reminiscent of creamy hues, to the deepest coco tones, encompassing the rich diversity of all the beautiful shades in between. We take pride in our commitment to ethical practices and inclusivity. Our products are cruelty-free, sustainably sourced, and formulated to cater to melanin rich skin needs.

Within our diverse community affectionately referred to as the Cocoon {formerly Coco Puffs}, we take pride in our inclusive space that welcomes individuals of all genders, races, and ages. This inclusivity is the distinctive touch that sets us apart from competitors. Whether it's the indulgent Beard Butter Balm, the luxurious Lotus Flower Yoni Polish, or the hydrating Gooseberry Aloe Pudding, we offer uniquely crafted products for those who appreciate opulence, luxury, and the art of self-care.

Cream & Coco was founded in 2009 by Victoria Brown, a self-proclaimed Hair and Skin Care Alchemist Extraordinaire. Her interest in soap making began as a child, when she’d mix soap with flowers and attempt to sell her formulations to her neighbors. Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in biochemistry, she started making products as a hobby on the side.

In the early days of her business, Victoria faced several personal adversities that caused her to lose nearly everything she had. Undiagnosed postpartum depression plunged her into a silent struggle with overwhelming feelings of despair and isolation.

Determined to overcome these difficulties, she turned to the practice of self-care as a crucial lifeline. Despite financial constraints, Victoria discovered that simple yet intentional acts of self-love had a profound impact on her mental well-being. Incorporating affordable self-care rituals became a daily anchor for her, providing moments of peace and solace.

A then unemployed newly single mom with little support, she poured everything she had left into her business to climb her way out of despair. Recognizing the transformative power of self-care in her own life, Victoria decided to channel this experience into Cream & Coco. It evolved beyond a business; it became a mission to offer accessible, holistic self-care solutions for women, particularly mothers. The journey from personal struggle to wellness laid the foundation for a brand that prioritizes well-being and celebrates the beauty of resilience.

A true tale of starting from the bottom, what began as one basket of soap for sale at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds has flourished into an international brand sold in 41 countries.

Empowering women to radiate strength and beauty from within, Cream & Coco envisions becoming the ultimate source for healing in our community and online. We aspire to be the go-to destination, fostering a sacred space where self-care is a transformative journey, and every woman feels seen, celebrated, and deeply connected. Through the harmonious blend of holistic skincare and spiritual well-being, we strive to inspire a movement of healing, self-love, and empowerment, creating a legacy of radiant confidence that transcends generations.