Our Story

All of life is a contrast.  As the days evolve, there are highs mixed with lows, joy and pain, triumph and defeat. Cream and Coco is a line of all natural skin, hair, and baby care products designed to honor the space in between those moments. With every use of our artisan products, we seek to offer you a moment of comfort in the chaos life can bring.
Cream & Coco was founded in 2009 by Victoria Brown, a self-proclaimed Hair and Skin Care Mixtress Extraordinaire. Her interest in soap making began as a child, when she’d mix soap with flowers and attempt to sell her concoctions to her neighbors. Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in biochemistry, she started making products as a fun hobby to do on the side.
After a failed attempt to launch a cosmetic line with a friend, Victoria decided to go into business for herself. In the early days of her business, she was also a new mom, struggling with a long bout of undiagnosed postpartum depression. The depression caused her to lose nearly everything she had, from her job to her relationship. 
To rebuild her life from the ground up, she turned to her beloved Cream & Coco. She poured everything she had left into her business and what started as one basket of soap for sale at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds has flourished into an international brand sold in 39 countries. 
The Cream & Coco Difference
The vision for Cream & Coco is to lavish the whole person - from head to toe - with love and care. Our versatile collection of products are made with premium, natural ingredients that can be used on your hair, skin, and even the most intimate of body parts. 
Our community, affectionately known as the Coco Puffs, is comprised of people of all genders, race, and age - and we believe this is what sets us apart from our competitors. From our Beard Butter Balm to the Yoni Sugar Exfoliating Butter or Gooseberry Aloe Pudding, if you’re someone who values quality, luxury, and self-care, we have something uniquely crafted just for you.