Go to the Jungle and Heal Yourself 🤎

I didn’t plan to come to the jungle, but the universe brought me here anyway.

I've been struggling and so stressed the past few months trying to find my place back after the last year of my life. In all the loss I experienced, I lost my direction and how to show up authentically in my personal life, as a mom, to my tribe, at work trying to scale a business that grew to 7 figures faster than I could learn to manage what was required.

All while still putting my pieces back together.

I set my intentions for the #spiritmolecule to help me release everything that's been stopping me from being my highest self. And on my journey I became the earth. I melted into the floor of the teepee and literally grounded myself. I expected to feel a sensation of dying and rebirth, but I didn’t this trip. I just became the earth.

Psychedelic journeys have so many stages. My experience is when it gets trippy, that’s usually when the message comes. It's when you can hear colors and see smells. It’s when God speaks to me. I fell into a darkness with vivid neon colors very similar to the forests in Avatar. I felt light coming from my body, starting in my sacral moving through my heart, out my finger tips, and the ground lit up.

I was the divine source. I was the light. All this time I’ve felt like I lost the creative. I lost myself. I lost who I was but Bufo literally showed me my light is still very much there inside, it’s blinding and everything I touch radiates with this light. Everything I need in this next season God had already given me. Tears ran down my face I was so grateful. Overwhelming gratitude.

I journeyed far this trip and this #bufo experience was the healing I didn't even know I needed. I’m obviously a fan of #plantmedicine to connect to your highest self.

Disconnecting the rest of the weekend to just be present with my family and focus on integration 🤎

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