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Yoni Steams don't just Heal Clients 🖤

Yoni Steams don't just Heal Clients 🖤

I don't usually work on Saturdays. But yesterday I woke up in a bad bad mood so I went in. See, I designed the Creamery to be a healing space for women, and that includes me. I was still bleh when I got there, then Pie said I had two #YoniSteam that just booked. Ugh I hate dealing with customers when my mood is stank because would HATE to give off that type of energy to anyone. 


They came in, they were so excited. Their smiles made me smile. Did the intake, mixed their custom blends (we have over 100 botanicals to customize with) and got them set up. Our streams come with a 24K gold undereye mask, but they both chose the  full face mask upgrade. I applied the mask with my technique of a mini face massage, where I can literally watch tension melt from my clients faces. That's an amazing thing to watch and facilitate.

Yoni steams set up, they were good. Ok. Halfway through the session I bring them their wine, frozen fruit and cucumber cooling towel. Rarely does anyone select alkaline water over wine 😂😂😂. The last half of the session they are laughing and carrying on ❤️ 

I checked them out, they purchased products from the boutique and walked out smiling. They left the Creamery healed...but so did I. My mood had completely shifted just by being in the position to give woman a place to be catered to and their souls watered. 

When we opened the retail store, it was never ever about sales. It was about creating a space for healing to happen 🖤🖤🖤


  • Posted by Abdwayla Hipsher on

    Do you have waist beads for purchase?

  • Posted by Jocquez McFayden on

    Love the store and the quality of products!

  • Posted by Renzi Boswell on

    Hello can you recommend a product line for the vaginal area, I would like a recommendation to make sure i purchase the correct products for my precious area/? Thank you so very much

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