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Founder's Flawless Skincare Routine

Founder's Flawless Skincare Routine

Everyone wants flawless skin that looks sunkissed and dewy like we live on vacation and haven’t a care in the world. Or at least we want to be blemish free at minimum. While genetics play a big part in your skin, your skincare routine can drastically affect how clear your skin is. We'll show you easy steps that with consistency, your skin will be glowing in no time

Everyone wants flawless skin that looks sunkissed and dewy like we live on vacation and haven’t a care in the world. Or at least we want to be blemish free at minimum. While genetics play a big part in your skin, your skincare routine can drastically affect how clear your skin is. Being intentional and consistent about your self care will give you the results you desire. And just like life, to be consistent, you need to enjoy your routine, use products that you enjoy using, and that are correct for your skin type.

Ok let’s dig right in.

I have found the most effective routine for my skin is an adapted Korean 10 Step Routine. Now just wait sis and hear me out. I know you just said “Girl. Who has time for 10 whole entire steps to wash their face?!”

You do, sis. My routine takes maybe 3 minutes in the morning and between 5 & 15 at night depending on what treatments I’m doing. That’s my “ME” time, and I’m worth those minutes for flawless skin. And so are you.

Here’s what my 10-step routine consists of:

  1. Cleansing Oil
  2. Water Based Cleansing Soap
  3. Exfoliator
  4. Masks
  5. Toner
  6. Botanical Water
  7. Serum
  8. Eye Treatment
  9. Moisturizer
  10. Sun Protection

There’s always an order to things, and for anything to work in your favor, you need to be in alignment. Skin care is no different. The order you apply your products matter. A good rule is to apply products from water based to oil based, thinnest to thickest. Apply in order of what needs to work and penetrate the most to being first, and what needs to protect the skin being on the outmost layer.


Your daytime products are going to focus more on protecting your skin from the elements during the day. 

CLEANSE I start my day with Pink Lemonade Soap, because it is a treatment bar with citrus acids that will help work on blemishes during the day. The bar is also rich in antioxidants. We’re going for protection, remember. Choose whichever bar soap is a good antioxidant source and designed for your skin type. Start by wiping your face in an upward motion with a warm cloth. Lather your face and massage in upwards circles. After I lather my face, I pause here and brush my teeth. Seriously. Leave the lather on your face for the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth and give the ingredients in that expensive bar of soap a chance to really work. This is my method, but you can do whatever sis. 

If you are fighting blemishes or dark spots, use one of the blemish corrector bars to focus on those areas. Use one petal on the flower to help pinpoint the areas needing extra love, wet the daisy and gently scrub in a circular motion.

I prefer to cleanse my face with a sonic brush. I love the deep cleanse it gives me. You can also use a gentle face pad, a face brush or a washcloth. Whatever you prefer. Just be sure your facial pad thoroughly dries in between use and you wash it weekly. We don’t want bacteria growing on it and messing up all this hard work we’re about to put in. Any treatment you ever do on your face, do it in an upwards circle. Chile gravity is already working against you, you have to tell Mother Nature no ma’am. Don’t forget that, always always always upwards circles. 

 TONE I always use a toner because they feel amazing, they make my skin feel so fresh, and because I cleanse with artisan soap, they help make sure all the residue from the soap is removed. They also work really well to help shrink your pores, and with oils blemish prone skin, you need that. I use Pink Lemonade for my oily skin. Apply your toner to a cotton pad and wipe your face in an upwards motion. 

BOTANICAL WATERS After my astringent toner I mist a botanical water. This step is kind of half toning and half moisturizing, because it does both. Floral infusions are PACKED with skin loving nourishment and antioxidants to help make your skin radiant. But really, the botanical mists are what truly turn my morning routine into self care. They smell amazing, instantly uplift my mood and is the PERFECT start to my day. Choose a floral water that resonates with what intentions you are setting for yourself. I love the Black Rose water, because roses inspire and help balance self love. This step is also a reeeeeally good time to speak affirmations for yourself and your day. The aromatherapy from your florals instantly center you and make you more aware. Be intentional. What do you want your day to be like and manifest it.

SERUM Serums are concentrated, super charged nutrients for your skin. I choose one high in vitamin C and antioxidants for the day, like the Hibiscus Rose Serum. Its oil based and contains black seed oil, which is full of yummy nourishment. The serum absorbs right into your skin and can help balance excess oil production through the day. You may be thinking, but wait, how can an oil balance oily skin??? Trust me it does. When there’s enough oil present, your skin doesn’t go into overproduction and make excess. Apply your serum sparingly and massage in an know.

EYE CREAM Use a good eye cream to protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Most of the products you are applying to your face may be a bit to strong for the eye area, and we don’t want you in these streets with blurry vision. I dab on our juicy caffeine eye gel that’s light as a feather, simple ingredients but charges my eye area to help fight signs of aging.

BLEMISH TREATMENTS Use the Licorice Face Fluff sparingly on any dark spots and scarring. the fluff is very concentrated, so just dab your pinky in the product and apply.

HYDRATE Give your skin the moisture it needs and protect it by what product you choose to hydrate. The Pink Lemonade Moisture Milks is my go-to as it continues to work on my skin through the day, moisturizes without being heavy, absorbs easily into my skin and sets a good foundation for my makeup if I choose to wear any that day. 

PROTECT If your moisturizer has a natural SPF in it, you don’t need to add an additional product here. If your moisturizer or serum does not have SPF, you’ll need a product with at least 30 to protect your skin from the sun during the day. This single step is one that seems to get the most overlooked, but it’s one of the most crucial to maintaining age defying skin. If you are using plant-based products, many oils have natural SPF. Check your products and be sure, or grab a plant-based sunscreen to finish your morning routine.

Harsh weather, cold temperatures in winter, blazing sun in summer, you need to focus on what season you are in and how to nourish your skin through it. Your basic steps are the same, however, you may need to change up what products you select. For example, in summer my Moisturizer is a moisture milk, and in winter its moisture milk thickened with Shea butter to give me a bit more protection from the cold.

Now you have this fresh, clean, glowing face. Take a few extra minutes to take several deep, cleansing breaths, stretch your body, your toes and drink some water. Ok sis, now you’re ready to slay the day. 


Nighttime, your body is naturally in regeneration mode. All your cells are aligning to repair what needs to heal, move what needs to move. Your nighttime routine is where you will focus on your treatments that may take more time, are more indulgent and focus on really healing the skin and removing all of your day.

CLEANSE My nighttime cleansers are focused to completely removing my day. I start with Pink Grapefruit oil cleanse to help loosed and debris, take off my makeup and break up any oil on my skin from the day. I love oil cleanses because they do such a good job removing make up but feel so luxurious. Start with a dry face and apply the oil. Massage your face and focus on any problem areas you have. This step is a good time to reflect on your day and release any mental blocks you may have had. Any negative events or encounters, release them here and really deep cleanse. This step should take about 30 seconds to a minute. Add water to your face and massage, the oil transforms into a cleansing cream that rinses away easily. Use warm water and a face cloth to remove the cream. 

Next, I wash with Hawaiian Volcano. The charcoal soaps are detoxifying, slightly exfoliating and really do a fab job at pulling out impurities and deep cleaning. I want all that day gone from my skin, and that’s the soap to do it. 

TONE I use the same toner at night at in the morning. In the evening, I use a lavender botanical water infused with amethyst to help me relax and sleep better. 

TREATMENTS I have a pretty consistent beauty regimen that I follow every week. I’ll share those treatments in another post. Anyway, depending what day of the week it is, this step is where I’m going to apply my clay mask, exfoliate with a sugar polish, cream mask. If I’m doing a ritual, like dermaplanning, microdermabrasion or microneedling, I do it here right before my serum, so they absorb in my skin better.

EYE CREAM Apply your eye cream or gel again to nourish your eyes.

SERUM At night, I use serums that are more treatment focused than antioxidant, like hyaluronic acid, retinol & vitamin c serums. I focus more on anti-aging and wrinkle prevention. 

BLEMISH TREATMENT Any blemish clearing product I believe works best using twine a day, in your morning routine and at night, so I apply the face fluff again at night. 

HYDRATE At night I apply two products to hydrate, the Royal Jelly night glaze that’s packed with manuka honey and bee pollen to give me ROYAL FACE SERVING, then the Monoi & Jasmine Butter on top before the jelly completely absorbs. My face LOVES LOVES LOOOOOVES this combo, and hunny no one can tell me anything at night after I wash my face. Coconut oil is a funny one. Some can use it on their face, and some it clogs their pores. With any of the products suggested, you have to listen to your skin tell you what it loves and what it hates and design your routine from there. Not everything will work for you. The biggest key is finding a routing that fits your lifestyle and your budget, and BE CONSISTENT. 

 And drink your water sis. And if you can, stay sucker free.  Tell us in the comments what you think and if you can implement any of these steps in your routine!


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    Gotta do better in my night time routine by being consistent with it and including more products.

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