The Nosh Box


intr.v. noshed, nosh·ing, nosh·es To eat a snack or light meal   Now, we don't want you to eat this, but we can guarantee the box will be appetizing enough to make you want to take a bite...or several   The Nosh Box is an exclusive soap box custom crafted for the true handmade soap connoisseur. The collection will contain 6 snack sized portions of artisan soap, perfect for noshing all month. 1 lb of yummy, deliciousness with a bar for face, hair & body in every box.   Subscribing to the Nosh Box ensures your showers and baths are memorable and moisturizing, as each month is a custom crafted collection following lunar positions and seasons.   Here's what you can expect:
  • 6 Snack sized bars approximately 2.5 oz/70 g each
  • Luxurious oils & butters to nourish the hair & skin
  • Innovative natural & organic additives and mix-ins for a unique cleansing experience
  • A bar designed for your face, for body and for skin that are multipurpose
  • Unisex selections
Nosh Boxes ship around the 15th of every month. Orders for the box close at 11:59p EST on the 14th for the current month, and any orders placed after 12:00a EST on the 15th will be for the next month's box.  Subscriptions are billed the 10th of each month. 
PLEASE NOTE: ANY ITEMS PURCHASED WITH THE NOSH BOX WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE BOX'S RELEASE DATE! Nosh Boxes are automatically filtered in our ordering system and we will not see your order for fulfillment until the date the boxes are scheduled to ship. You can purchase multiple boxes on the same order, however, if you would like to purchase any product from our shop we ask you make a separate order from your Nosh Box so there will not be any delay in shipping those items. Coupon codes are not applicable to the Nosh box unless stated otherwise.
  • $22.99