Coco Puff Points

At Cream & Coco we love our customers and have developed a program just for you to thank you for your continued patronage to our store!

As a customer, you earn 10 points for each $1 spent from orders regardless of the order value (tax and shipping / handling excluded). Points are added to a loyalty account when an order is created and are subtracted when an order is cancelled, declined, or refunded. You may log into your account through the enrollment email our the loyalty widget to view your Coco Puff Point accumulation. Coco Puff Points do not expire and are valid as long as the program is available.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you are able to redeem them for free product. You may redeem your points as soon as you have enough for a credit, or if you prefer, grow your reward bank for larger future savings. If points are redeemed and the code not used, the code is kept in your vault for future use. Log into rewards and scroll to the bottom to "Your Rewards" to view any codes you have redeemed points for and have not applied to an order. Once points are redeemed, we are unable to refund the points back.

Certain items are not eligible for point redemption. Sale Items, Special Orders, Egyptian Oils, Waist Beads, Specialty Boxes, Nosh Boxes, Hot Coco Boxes or extras from boxes, I Am She Botanicals Supplements, gift cards, gift certificates, taxes or shipping and processing charges. Coco Puff Points will NOT be earned for items purchased with a gift certificate, gift card purchases, store credit or reships.

Coco Puff Points earned on a purchase that is refunded or returned will be deducted from the customer loyalty account. If you open a Paypal dispute for a purchase with us, your loyalty points are automatically deducted from your account. If the dispute is found in our favor or the issue is resolved through Paypal, the points do not automatically restore and you will need to contact us to credit them back manually.

Cream & Coco reserves the right to terminate and/or modify our loyalty program in any manner, at any time, without limitation, including the adjustment of percentages earned per dollar spent, program guidelines, point settings or redemption without prior notice to participants. If the loyalty program is cancelled with no alternative program, customers will have 30 days to redeem their accumulated points. After 30 days any unused points are no longer valid.

Coco Puff Points have no monetary value, are not transferable, may not be redeemed for cash, may not be used in conjunction with any other rebate or discount offer and are for promotional purposes only. Members are always responsible for applicable sales taxes (if any). No cash will be given back on unused certificate amounts.

Coco Puff Points cannot be gifted, inherited or otherwise transferred to any company or individual. Attempts by customers to exchange, sell or otherwise transfer points not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will result in forfeiture of any accumulated Coco Puff Points and un-enrollment in our customer loyalty program. We further reserve the right to terminate any loyalty account without notice if we, Cream & Coco Skincare LLC, feel a participant is misusing the program or operating in a way not consistent to our company policies. Any terminated accounts will not be compensated for points or rewards already redeemed or accumulated.