• SheOrgasms Herbal Supplement
  • SheOrgasms Herbal Supplement

SheOrgasms Herbal Supplement

SheOrgasms was established in 2018 with one mission: to bring a real, high quality herbal supplement that will enhance a woman's sexual experience. A passion for female enhancement and sex positivity is what inspired in the beginning and it continues to drive today. People come back to SheOrgasms because they know they’ll get the results they desire.

The supplement can be used two ways. You can take up to 4 capsules at a time 1-2 hours prior to sex if using to enhance your evening. You may alternatively use it as a daily supplement of 2 capsules per day to help balance female hormones and heighten your overall mood. The supplements are more effective when used daily. Please note this is a supplement, so you may not feel effects on your first time. It may take up to a week of taking daily, however, most women experience the effects the first use. Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride of SheOrgasms!

This is meant to change your LIFE, not just your night.


  • Helps promote overall vaginal wellness
  • Increased vaginal wetness
  • Increased desire and energy
  • Regulated blood flow to clitoris to heighten climax
  • Total body arousal
  • Enhanced and increased orgasm intensity
  • Can enhance your everyday mood
  • Increased concentration levels and energy
  • Safe to take with alcohol

Made with 9 natural key ingredients to enhance the female experience.

Tribulus Terrestris
Muira Puama
Suma Root
Wild Yam


1 Bottle contains 30 capsules 

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