• Winter Lotus Authentic Egyptian Fragrance Oil [F]

Winter Lotus Authentic Egyptian Fragrance Oil [F]

sweet | soft floral | fresh

The Ancient Egyptians believed that scent of the lotus had a divine origin and associated the Lotus with the Sun, rebirth, the cycle of life, regeneration and healing. Roots buried deep in the mud of the Nile River, the Lotus blooms as the sun rises and closes at sunset. 

.A light-bodied scent, bright and slightly spicy with a sparkly top note. Its energy basis is a balance of feminine and masculine, making it a suitable fragrance for both women and men. This beautiful sweet floral, dense, green, fruity, aroma is enchanting light and delicate. Intoxicating, euphoric, and mysterious. Lotus enchants both the wearer and witness alike, it's soothing effect relaxes the mind and ennobles the spirit. 

A fragrance that is long lasting to wear, romantic and very feminine. Adored by women and captivating to men. This fragrance is the quintessential Egyptian scent everyone should experience.

Winter Lotus is the traditional Lotus Scent of the Egyptians with it's sweeter, deeper scent.
Summer Lotus is a fresher lighter crisp version signifying the soft summer blooms.

This fragrance creates a very profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, specifically the pineal and the high-heart. It creates a field of golden light around the body.

History of Egyptian Oils

In ancient Egypt, extracted fragrance oils were used in rituals, the body and in the hair These ancient perfumes were much thicker than what we use now, similar to a honey or an olive oil consistency. They were potent and remained on the wearer all day. 

Ancient Egyptians often used moringa, linseed, sesame and castor oils in their perfumes along with different plants, flowers and wood fragments. Some extracts of almond and olive oil were also used to increase the quality and pungency of the perfumes.

Many cannot wear perfume sprays or colognes, or some simply prefer to wear oils. This is because all perfumes contain ethyl alcohol that can cause allergic reactions to the skin. Alcohol is also an evaporating agent as it dries on the skin through out the day, delicate notes of the perfume diminish altering the aroma of the perfume dramatically.

Wearing authentic Egyptian Oils on your skin not only leave you smelling wonderful but is far more gentle to the skin. Your natural oils on your body will interact differently with each oil for you than it will for another wearing the same scent. This produces a fragrance unique to you and only you. Egyptian Oils is truly a more sophisticated way of wearing perfumes. Fragrance can last up to 12 hours on the skin.

To wear Egyptian Oils... is to wear fragrance that are never offensive or over powering.... just balanced, natural and memorable.

[U]=Unisex [M]=Masculine [F]=Feminine 

10 ml glass bottle

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