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New Season of Self Care. Fall Equinox Rituals

New Season of Self Care. Fall Equinox Rituals


Happy Autumn Equinox. Fall is finally here. The days and nights are equal in length, creating perfect balance.

Self Care is an essential part of our routine year round, and is so important for our emotional, physical and mental well being. 

Prioritizing  self care is vital in the fall as cooler, darker weather brings on different moods for us. Having a well established self care routine can help keep you energized, happy, refreshed and calmer as we transition into winter and the holiday season. 

Take the natural ebb & flow of this season to slow down, be intentional with your self love and create new rituals that truly serve your soul. The Fall Face Care Collection is designed to do just that. Take time for yourself each morning and evening to love on yourself and give yourself the attention you deserve. Print out these SELF LOVE AFFIRMATION CARDS cut them out and speak them while you do your routine. Get in the habit of really tapping into the sacred moments when your fingertips are touching your skin and use that connected energy to speak life over yourself. 

Here is what's included in the fall collection:

  1. OIL CLEANSE  Honeynut Pumpkin Cleansing Drops [2fl oz]
  2. WATER BASED CLEANSER Pumpkin Spiced Latte Complexion Bar [1 oz]
  3. EXFOLIATOR Fig & Pumpkin Polish Pudding [2 fl oz]
  4. MASK Pumpkin Turmeric & Honey Clay Enzyme Mask [2 fl oz]
  5. TONER Green Tea, Jasmine Rice & Pumpkin Botanical Water [4 fl oz]
  6. ESSENCE Dulce de Leche PSL Botanical Essence Aromatherapy Mist [2 fl oz]
  7. SERUM Pumpkin Macadamia Amoretti Dew Drops [.5 fl oz]
  8. EYES  Pumpkin Latte Caffeine Energizing Eye Serum [4.5ml pump]
  9. NIGHT MOISTURIZER Warm Vanilla & Honey Pumpkinseed Glaze [2 fl oz]
  10. DAY SUN PROTECTION MOISTURIZER Cranberry Pumpkin & Fig BB Cream (with SPF) [2 fl oz]
  11. Konjac Face Sponge


Below is our suggested order to use the products alternating days for your night ritual.


While there are many things to do for self-care, what feels good to your soul will look different for everyone. Regardless of what grounds and recharges you,  these self-care ideas are sure to help boost overall health.

1. Go On A Nature Walk Outdoors

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. It is also a healthy way to capture the changing leaves and temperatures of the fall season. 

The benefits :

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Managing health conditions
  • Improving mood

Walking inside or outside is associated with greater feelings of positive mood. Outdoor exercise also showed to decrease tension, anger and depression.

Focus on the changing fall colors, sounds, and smells to fully capture how beautiful a season fall is. 

Overall, make a goal to walk in nature as often as possible this fall to experience full self-care benefits

2. Explore Somewhere New

We're outsiding now, and fall weather is the perfect time to explore a new city, state or even country. Anywhere new to you. This could be a new park, museum, city, or even just a different neighborhood.

A new vibe and change in scenery is often just enough to boost our mood, spark creativity and recharge you. 

Whether you choose a week or few hours, explore something new this season for a change in vibe and scenery.

3. Try a New Fall Fruit or Vegetable

For many, the fall season represents an optimal time to do more baking and enjoy the bounty of fall harvest. The harvest in fall are truly soul warming and grounding foods. 

  • Apple
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cinnamon
  • Collards
  • Figs
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Beans

Visit your local farmer's market to try fresh produce in season.

4. Creative Craft

Fall colors are sure to spark your creativity. Art is an easy way to express your feeling and emotions visually and can help relieve stress and tension. 

Find a new craft that you enjoy and be intentional to do something that just feels good but expresses a different side of you. 

Ideas for creative outlets include the following:

  • Decorate the house (or a friend’s) for fall
  • Put together a picture collage, album or video footage from a meaningful trip
  • Buy or rearrange plants in the house or garden
  • Rearrange home furniture
  • Start a writing project
  • Build a model car or plane
  • Participate in a painting or ceramic class
  • Buy a sketchbook and start drawing in it daily or weekly
  • Start lessons or practice a musical instrument
  • Join a dance or fitness class

5. Find a Good Book or Magazine to Read

Do you really need a better excuse to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book, a plush blanket and a cup of tea (like the one we include in your order)? Cooler temperatures and shorter days is the perfect time to rest and read a book or magazine. Disconnect from social media and read a fiction book, a self help book or a home decor magazine.


6. Scent Therapy

Lighting a scented fall candle or incense is a simple self care ritual that does much more than fragrance a room. Candles and incense may actually provide a soothing sensation and may positively impact mood and stress relief. 

Many candles also provide aromatherapy with essential oils, which can stimulate the brain, enhance memory, and aid in stress relief. Lighting a candle provides personal self-care and to anyone surrounding else who might be enjoying the scent and glow. Create your own personal sacred space by filling it with aromas that enhance your mood.

  • Bergamot & Mint
  • Lavender & Sage
  • Patchouli & Orange
  • Nag Champa
  • Cinnamon & Spices
  • Vanilla & Brown Sugar
  • Mint & Rose

7. Visit an Orchard

Picking fruits or vegetables from an orchard allows us to pick as much or as little as you and your family can use. And it's great bonding time with children, friends or even alone to reconnect to your inner child. Use the produce for yummy fall recipes and homemade dishes to enjoy throughout the fall season like applesauce, soups, jams, etc. 

8. Pamper Your Skin

Taking care of the skin, hair or nails may be what comes to mind when thinking about self care activities. We have made it easy with the Fall Pumpkinseed Face Care Collection. We give you all the tools you need for the perfect fall ritual for soft, glowing skin. 

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