• Winter Rose Face Care Collection Individuals

Winter Rose Face Care Collection Individuals

Everyone wants flawless skin that looks sunkissed and dewy like we live on vacation and haven’t a care in the world. Or at least we want to be blemish free at minimum. While genetics play a big part in your skin, your skincare routine can drastically affect how clear your skin is. Being intentional and consistent about your self care will give you the results you desire. And just like life, to be consistent, you need to enjoy your routine, use products that you enjoy using, and that are correct for your skin type.

The 10-step routine is a hallmark of Korean beauty. It may mean you spend 10 minutes in the bathroom in the morning or at night, but if you can’t spare 10 minutes for yourself, we need to back up to a lesson on self-care first. Enjoy the process and create self care moments that are sure to become your new #SelfCareBae:)

Here's what was included in the collection:

  1. OIL CLEANSE  White Winter Ice Cleansing Balm [2fl oz]
  2. WATER BASED CLEANSER Rosehip & Oatmilk Hydrating Facial Bar [3 oz]
  3. EXFOLIATOR Rosebud & Pink Sugar Glow [2 fl oz]
  4. MASK Pink Kashmere Restorative Clay [4 fl oz]
  5. TONER  Ice Cucumber Rose Hydrating Toning Lotion [4 fl oz]
  6. ESSENCE Black Vanilla Gardenia Botanical Water Mist [2 fl oz]
  7. SERUM 24K Rose Gold Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Complex Serum Concentrate [1 fl oz]
  8. EYES Energizing Vitamin C Eye Gel [.33 fl oz]
  9. NIGHT MOISTURIZER Honey Rosehip Royal Jelly Night Glaze [2 fl oz]
  10. DAY SUN PROTECTION MOISTURIZER  Rose Gold Illuminating  BB Cream (with SPF) [2 fl oz]
  11. Dermaroller Skin Perfecting Face Wand

Recreate your routine from the box extras.

Be sure to check out our blog that goes into depth on the routine. I’ll walk you through each of the steps, explaining what they do, why they’re important, and how they will help improve your skin.


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Skincare Step
Skincare Step
Skincare Step

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