• Abundance Energy Cleansing Florida Water

Abundance Energy Cleansing Florida Water

ground | refresh | purify Grounding floral infused water to purify spaces and help against negative energy. Infused with calming botanicals, incorporate this cleansing water into your relaxation time to help calm your senses. Infused with crystals, white sage, sacred palo santo wood and calming lavender, incorporate this sacred water into your meditation time to stimulate your senses and center you, use it for prayer time and the cleanse your aura. Wiping your meditation and prayer tangibles with florida water will cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them to receive.   Directions: Mist pillows and bedsheets to envelope them with the relaxing scent and help you sleep better, longer and rest deeper. Mist any room or space you desire to have relaxation and calm . It’s helpful to say positive affirmations, pray or give gratitude for the energy you are manifesting in the space. ABUNDANCE: |patchouli, orange and ginger| Blend to help those who are seeking to fully be in his or her life purpose.
  • Used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • Stimulates and opens the 3rd eye / pineal gland for higher spiritual insight.
  • Promotes intuition.
4 fl oz/ 118 ml
  • $15.00