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Our microneedle roller is the perfect compliment to your current skin routine. Use your favorite products after and maximize their effectiveness. Skincare just got a lot easier!

A natural treatment to help you achieve a beautiful, vibrant skin and younger looking appearance. Our 0.25mm cosmetic microdermabrasion roller is so easy to use and gives beautiful results. 

The treatment procedure is simple, effective, fast to perform and you can do it yourself at home.

For optimal results, do micro needling treatment once a week.

STEP 1 Cleanse your face thoroughly and sanitize the microneedle roller before you begin. 

STEP 2 Begin micro rolling on the desired area 4 - 8 times in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction.

STEP 3 Apply your favorite serums and creams right after derma rolling.

Our titanium needle roller contains 540 titanium microneedles of 0.25mm length. This length is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. The strength, corrosion resistance and durability of titanium allows for many months of use.

  • $15.00