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Navidium Shipping Protection

What is Navidium Shipping Protection?

Navidium Shipping Protection is an optional shipping protection service where, in the event of an incident (the order is damaged, lost, or stolen during transit), we will immediately re-ship any damaged, lost, or stolen products.

What do I get with Navidium Shipping Protection?

If you place an order with Navidium Shipping Protection, and your order is damaged, lost, or stolen during transit, then we will immediately send you a free replacement of any impacted items. Impacted items refers to any products on your order that were damaged, lost, or stolen during transit.

How does Navidium Shipping Protection work if only part of my order is impacted?

For example, if you order a Face Care Collection and other yoni items, your order is split,  and only your Face Care Collection was delivered (and the yoni care was "lost in transit") - the Navidium Shipping Protection only applies to the yoni care. We do not re-ship the entire order.

Is Navidium Shipping Protection refundable?

No. Once your order has been shipped, your Navidium Shipping Protection has been "used" and is no longer refundable.

Can I can a re-ship if I put in the wrong delivery address?

If you placed an order with the wrong shipping address, and the order is delivered, we are unable to re-ship your items under the Navidium Shipping Protection. The same applies if you contact us to have your address changed, and your order has already been despatched, and the courier is unable to successfully re-route the package to you.

What happens if my order is damaged, lost, or stolen during transit and I do not have Navidium Shipping Protection?

If you opt out of shipping protection, you will need to file a claim with the shipping service. The duration of the enquiry (until we have a final response or resolution from the courier) normally takes two weeks. If you do not have Navidium Shipping Protection, you will need to wait for the courier enquiry to be completed. 

If you do have Navidium Shipping Protection, we will immediately re-ship any impacted items. We will then lodge an enquiry with the courier, and will follow this through ourselves.

Can I receive a refund instead of a re-ship?

No. Navidium Shipping Protection entitles you to a re-ship of any impacted products on your order, and not a refund.

How much does Navidium Shipping Protection cost?

Navidium Shipping Protection is automatically calculated in your cart, and is based on the total value of your order. You can view the cost of Navidium Shipping Protection for your order on the Shipping page of the check out process.

How do I add or remove Navidium Shipping Protection from my order?

You can toggle Navidium Shipping Protection "on" or "off" on the Shipping page of the check out process.