Secret Stash

Secret Stash

Our current group buy is  active 6pm EST 3/29- 4/3 8p EST.

Scent descriptions for this stocking event:

BLUE LEMONADE juicy ripe blackberries, raspberries, candied lime peel finished with a creamy Tahitian vanilla. Fruity and  tart without being oversweet

BERRY MUDSLIDE perfect blend of fruits and florals. Green apple, juicy peach, ripe grapefruit, white amber, finished with hydrangea, cherry blossom, soft musk & tonka

CHILI MANGO juicy ripe mango, blood orange and vanilla with the unexpected uplifting kick of cayenne 

LAVENDER LEMONADE calming French lavender blended with Tahitian vanilla, spun sugar & lemon peel

MANDARIN LYCHEE uplifting burst of ripe, citrus fruits with sweet lychee & Mediterranean figs

MIDNIGHT HIBISCUS a complex floral scent that is soft and elegant with earthy undertones. Calming sandalwood, bamboo, hibiscus, jasmine and faint rose 

SEA SALT & CLAY very clean, fresh  & crisp ozone, white amber, juniper and melon 

SUNKISSED golden, radiant infusion of Bing cherry, amber, white vanilla, black current and refreshing green apple 

VIOLET LIME fusion of soft floral violet & jasmine bursting with crisp pomelo rind & lime

WHITE AMBER PINEAPPLE juicy,sweet pineapple with balanced earthy notes of sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and white amber