• Entice Travel Botanical Massage Candle

Entice Travel Botanical Massage Candle

Our creamy soy butter massage candles are the perfect blend of self care and relaxation. They provide a natural warm light & captivate your senses with rich intensely scented fragrances, while melting into a warm pool of skin softening heated oils for a sensual massage. Our candles are a softening infusion of healing botanicals, nourishing raw shea butter & toning cocoa butter to help even the skin complexion and soften dry skin. Burn the candle for a soft comforting glow, then after extinguishing use the warm wax pool to massage away your worries. Self care of several senses.


  • Nourishing luxury oils Infused with aromatic essential oils
  • Organic Raw Cacoa to tone & even complexion.
  • Creamy oils absorb easily into skin
  • Vegan Non toxic eco waxes and butters
  • Phthalate, formaldehyde, paraben, parrafin & petroleum free
3 oz/ 89 ml
  • $3.20
  • $8.00