• Palo Santo Smudging Sage

Palo Santo Smudging Sage

Smudging is a sacred practice that our elders have incorporated into ritual work for centuries. They believed that burning herbs and flowers would purify and consecrate their sacred space, draw in positive spirits, and discourage the presence of any unwanted energies. Exquisitely fragrant and lovingly hand-wrapped, our smudge bundles will help you do just that, and will bring forth energies of positivity, compassion, and heart healing. 

White Sage is perhaps the most highly regarded sacred herb to use for smudging. The smoke of this magical plant will cleanse your space of negative vibrations and powerfully uplift any low energies.

Palo Santo is used in bringing in positive energy & soothing to the body and mind. It has a fine citrus aroma with underlying notes of frankincense, its close relative. Just burn in a smudge pot & let the smoke of this Mountain Sage and Holy Wood do the magic.

As you burn one of these smudge bundles, bask in the fragrance of the sacred smoke, and envision your space and spirit being cleared of energies that do not serve you. Feel these negative vibrations dissipating and rising, being sent back up to Source and repurposed for the Greater Good.
Feel your heart space being opened, healed, and activated, allowing you to receive all of the love that the Universe is waiting to give to you.

(1) 4″ bundle of sage tied together lovingly with natural twine.

  • $5.00