• Ritual Oil

Ritual Oil

ground | refresh | purify Grounding floral infused oil to purify spaces and help against negative energy. Infused with crystals, white sage, sacred palo santo wood and calming lavender, incorporate this sacred water into your meditation time to stimulate your senses and center you, use it for prayer time and the cleanse your aura. Ritual oils contain the energetic properties of the oils, attars, plants, roots, and crystals it contains. The ingredients are what hold the oil’s intent, which is why the formulation for love, money, clarity, psychic connections, and so much more.

Before using your oil, you'll want to charge it and set your personal intentions. While we personally bless and charge the oils while we craft them with love, it is still important for you to charge your oil yourself before you begin using it.

Set your intention and be clear. If you are wanting to focus on money, visualize exactly what you want, may it be advancement in your career, a specific purchase, whatever wealth looks and feels like to you. If you want to work on romance, clearly define what you want from your partner, what they look like and what they feel like to your soul.

Hold your oil while you are visualizing and setting your intentions. Feel the warmth of your body warming the oil and allow your love to flow into the bottle as a glowing light. Your oil is now charged with your intention.

Many also charge their oil with Full Moon or New Moon energy with crystals. Place your tangibles in a window sill or safely outside under the moon’s light. Moon energy is very potent and is perfect for manifestation.

Anointing and ritual oils have been used throughout to help turn a normal item (or person) into something more sacred and powerful. You can use your oil on anything that needs a little extra touch of power.

Use it on:
Prayer alters & tools
Meditation spaces
Your body, such as your wrist, ankles or neck before affirmations
Meditation candles
Doorways, windows, floors, tables
Pictures & vision boards
Medical bills
Contracts & invoices
ABUNDANCE: |patchouli, orange and ginger| Blend to help those who are seeking to fully be in his or her life purpose.
  • Used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • Stimulates and opens the 3rd eye / pineal gland for higher spiritual insight.
  • Promotes intuition.
2 fl oz/ 60ml
  • $10.00
  • $15.00